VINTAGE WINERY is the result of a long tradition in wine.

In 1924 Marcos Viñuela founded in San Rafael one of the first major wineries in the area: Bodega Viñuela. It had more than 300 hectares of vineyards and a capacity of 171,000 hectoliters, which made it the largest winery in South America at that time. VIÑUELA WINERY, by Don Sir Viñuela, son of Marcos, was present to lead the market of wines in Mendoza until the 1960s.

Today the third generation comprises Viñuela Alicia, daughter of Don Sir, and her husband George Gambi.

They decided, with his lifelong friends Ana and Ricardo Lauzon, to continue this exciting task. So they inaugurated VINTAGE WINERY
in early 2008. They make wines of great distinction and elegance that travel the world.

VINTAGE WINERY is now, run by the third and fourth generation
of this traditional winemaking family, using the inherited teachings.

Barcala 1969, Godoy Cruz, Gobernador Benegas, Mendoza Argentina. Phone (54-261) 4398596 Phone (54-261) 4299101